Does BellyBandz stay in place or move?

We use high quality elastic and double density lace to stop roll tops and bottoms.  They remain comfortable and can be worn at any time of the day or night.   

What makes BellyBandz different from other Ostomy Belts and Bands?

BellyBandz have been designed, trialled and tested by an Ostomate for Ostomates.  Comfort, security, style, affordability and quality were all things taken into consideration in the design and improvements to the bands to provide the best outcomes and confidence for our customers.

How do you wash the garment?

BellyBandz are made of a high quality cotton / lycra fabric.  For best results, wash them in cool water and do not use the dryer as it compromises the lace and elastic.  BellyBandz dry very quickly either inside or outside on the line.

What if the BellyBandz I ordered does not fit, can I return the garment?

Yes the product is fully guaranteed so we will return your money should you not be satisfied or replace the garment as long as it is in new condition.  However please use our sizing chart to ensure you are ordering the correct size.

Do you have flesh or nude coloured BellyBandz?

High quality flesh or nude coloured fabrics are currently being sourced from importers.  Unfortunately the supply is limited at present but as soon as we are able to source the fabric, we will have them available. 

Is BellyBandz a Maternity Belt?

No BellyBandz has been specifically designed with Ostomates in mind, by an Ostomate taking into consideration how it conforms to body contours, provides gentle compression as to not restrict flow and improves bag adherence.  However BellyBandz have been used as a maternity belt, or as a supportive garment.