About us

Being asked during a medical checkup about her homemade Ostomy band, was the catalyst for the establishment of BellyBandz.

Over 10 years ago, Suzanne O’Kell, founder of BellyBandz started making her own ostomy bands after requiring an ileostomy.  As a result of an awkward first outing after surgery, a solution to provide her with the security and self-confidence she needed become a priority.  Getting back to living her life as normally as possible became a priority. 

Suzanne, trialled many different products and ideas over a period of time, but none to her satisfaction. They were either uncomfortable, didn’t stay in place, stopped her from wearing the types of clothing she loved wearing or were extremely expensive.  She ended up creating her own bands made from high quality fabrics and trims. 

During a medical check-up, Suzanne was asked by her doctor where she had purchased her band from, highlighting a need for a band like hers to be available for his stoma patients.  There was nothing quite like it available in New Zealand and so encouraged on by medical professionals, BellyBandz was born. 

 Designed by an Ostomate for Ostomates.