Womens Luxury Band - Multi Buy 3 Pack

Womens Luxury Band - Multi Buy 3 Pack

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One to wear, one for spare and one in the wash.  Makes life so simple so you don't ever have to go without your BellyBand. BellyBandz offers a 15% discount when you purchase three of the same style of band.

Treat yourself to a bit of luxury.  There is no reason you still can't feel extra special. Our Luxury Band maximises the lace and is pretty enough to having peaking out the bottom of your shirt.  High density stretch lace elastic top and bottom, embellished with a matching satin bow, provides comfort and allows you to move day to night easily.  Designed to give support to your pouch allowing you to participate in your chosen daily activities with confidence and style.

Features of our Luxury Bands include:

  • High Quality breathable fabric for all day wear.
  • Four-way stretch cotton / lycra to fit any body shape
  • Firm Support without being restrictive
  • Quick Dry
  • High Density Stretch Lace Top and Bottom
  • Satin Bow

Our Luxury Bands are long wearing, comfortable and slim lined which allows for easy wear under any clothing and can be worn morning and night or for any activity. 

Our Luxury Bands are also suitable for all post-surgical abdominal support.

Bands are available in a range of sizes from S to 2XL. If you require sizes outside this scope, please select our custom made products.