Focus on your Life not your Ostomy

Providing Confidence, Security and Comfort


Why should your stoma stop you from doing the things you love, staying active, wearing the things you want, or being who you’ve always been. 

For us its simple – it shouldn’t. 

Whether at work, out with friends, in the garden, playing sport or being intimate, BellyBandz are comfortable, and practical, and provide you with the security and confidence you need to get on with life and protect your pouch.

Why BellyBandz?

Designed and made right here in New Zealand, BellyBandz are made of soft breathable quality fabric with a 4-way stretch that contours to any body shape.   

*  Discreet          *  Breathable          * Quick Drying          * Stylish

         *  Non-Roll         *  Affordable          *  Gentle Compression         

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So pleased with my BellyBandz.  They are fantastic.  I love wearing dresses and skirts and the BellyBand has given me the confidence to again without a worry.  Feels like pretty lingerie. Really affordable too

Kelli Wilkinshire

Thanks so much for my Bellyband.  I’ve always been a really active person and love going out for a run or getting on my bike.  My band keeps everything in place and it stays in place.  I hardly know I am wearing it.   It’s comfortable and doesn’t get hot or irritating.  I’ve even gone swimming in it and it works great.

Craig Stanford

BellyBandz is a product I would recommend to anyone.  It is made out of soft cottons and the laces give this health product a sense of luxury and indulgence.  It certainly assists people with chronic conditions in feeling better about themselves despite health challenges

Elke Radewald, Reg. Clinical Psychologist